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Book Printing Tips For Newbies

Book printing is a dream for many people. With major advancements made in the field of technology, people can live this dream. Newbies in this field can learn about book printing alternatives through commercial printers and produce books as per the specifications they require. Check out our 7 book printing tips for more information for more experienced writers. Some book printing tips for newbies are:

Getting the Basics Right

This is quite simple. You simply need to communicate the very basics of the book printing project like final trim size, page count and quantity. This will help you in coming up with an estimate.

Proper Book Planning

It is also essential for newbies to be careful about book delivery date. Newbies into book printing need to be clear about the delivery date. Once you are aware of the date within which the printed books are required, you can easily create a kind of production schedule for meeting the deadline.

Keep the Size of the Text Readable

It is always very important to pay attention to the text size of a book. When printing a book, you must never attempt at keeping the text size small. The text size of a book should be kept normal so that it is easy for the readers to go through the matter of the book without facing any problems. Remember, if the book reader has to make use of a magnifying glass then the usefulness of your book might greatly diminish.

Line Spacing is an Important Concern

While keeping the text at readable size it is also important to aim for proper contrast. It is also necessary to make use of proportional page margins and line spacing in order to avoid making the text appear too crowded on the book pages.

Go for Round Corners Always

Majority of the books available in the market are meant to be used frequently. Therefore, it is essential to round the corners of the pages and the cover of the book for increasing its durability. Rounding the corners of the pages and the cover of a book will avoid the corners from bending backwards. Rounded corners not only help in reducing the chances of dog-eared pages and snags but they also help in maintaining the professional look of a book.

Book Size is also an Important Factor to Consider

This is probably the very first tip that newbies need to follow when trying to print books. It is very important to decide on the size of the book that you are about to print. There are varied sizes available for varied purposes. You can either go for manuals, mass markets or handbooks as per your choice and requirement. Ensure making a choice that helps you in enhancing the overall appeal and appearance of the book.

Know Your Printing Method

There are basically three varieties of book printing and they are lithography printing, digital printing and web press. You need to make the choice of the printing method that you want to use for printing a book as per your preference, skill and the availability of the right resources. For example, there is no use in going for the lithography printing method when you do not have any idea about this method. Basically, if you do not have good skills in different printing methods, go for the one that you are best at.


Printing a book does not just mean placing ink on paper. It involves different aspects that have a major influence on the overall appearance of a book. It is therefore important for you to approach all the important aspects of book printing very carefully. This will help you in coming up with the best-printed book even if you are a newbie into printing books.